this age

 (we all go through these)If-I-Stay13 jpg

this age in life, where we start to discover the intricate matters. the age where we start falling head over heels. the age where we never really figure out our feelings. the age where we stare into space with the perfect films rolling in our heads. this may be the age where we feel no one comprehends us, our emotions seems to be homogeneous in so many possible ways. age where you finally understand what it means when they say: people come, people go. this is the age you’d chuckle at every sweet talk. this may be the age you finally experience those butterflies floating in your stomach every moment you look into their eyes. this is the age where we keep little diaries and pen down every detail of memory we hope to never forget. the nights where we lay in bed and try to find the courage we lack to tell them how we feel. the age that makes you and me wonder every other day if that person you can’t stop thinking is doing the same too. these are the feelings we’d all fall into. it may prick us and leave a scar but the beauty of it ever still remains.    maybe question what the world ever tried to punch us with.

lily-collins-in-stuck-in-lovewe find interests in certain things, as whimsical as they may be. we never really understand what it means when their generation tell us to keep on striving, and change. when they tell us that the person you fall head over heels today will leave you tomorrow. that the pair of shoes you’re wearing today will not fit your ever growing feet tomorrow. they say you’re going to stay up all night for two reasons: one because you’re on call with that person that draws smiles on your little vulnerable heart. and another, because they threw darts on your gullible little heart. go ahead, keep fighting for the one you love. they say you’re just trapped within your own fantasies. that you’re attempting to write an untold fairytale.

it’s okay. because cherish these people that has stepped into your life. even if so for a week of two. appreciating that they once made you feel something.


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