alv30004 some days we forget how to live 

when the world turns all cold to one another just because they are chasing for to catch the last flight home. to something that very soon fades away. people desire for things that so easily come and go. things you can barely even hold on to. the world forgets to love the intricate and simple things. the city lights rarely dims and no one lets their hair down. all up in wax, uniformity of every single being. everything has been restrained. no one ever tells you to smile or says maybe a few words of kindness. they have been walloped by filthy monsters who preach of scornfulness to be filled with hatred and jealously. they are out in the battlefield, fighting, fighting a war that doesn’t even exist. no one wins, at all. they only bury themselves in nothing but stocks and property. today a house tomorrow a bank. people forget how to give love, receive love and be love. they simply vomit out an i love you on valentines day. no one takes the time to plan a proper date to the park. to watch the sun set as this world rushes madly on. why? why have we turned so cold to one another that smiling seems to be something so out of the ordinary? have you ever felt like you needed to escape from this ugly truth? as much as we try to deny it, we all have. we have envisioned little perfect happenings with our wild imaginings. somedays, we are so caught up with reaching the level most possibly unattainable. we are delusional, allowing ourselves to be trapped within our own ambitions. you, and i, we have forgotten how to live. somedays all we need is to learn back to the basics. we need to learn how to breathe. 

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