have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were unable to feel or have any emotions at all. that would seem to be just plain tragic. to know that happiness, sadness, melancholia doesn’t exist. there will be no such “can’t eat, can’t sleep, sit on the fence” kind of thing because you’d not be able to feel what its like to love. imagine this world turning into nothing but swollen faces smacked hard with papers of emptiness. a world where people feel nothing at all. where humanity takes a turn and you barely seem to recognise anyone anymore. a world where less then fifty percent of prince and princesses really end with a happy ending because no one really feels anything. to think about this thought isn’t just a mere touch-and-go factor. can you imagine daily routines that circuit around nothing but getting papers done, ticked, marked, graded, promoted, succeeded? is this what the world is driving towards to; where our children come home only to bring us reports of their doings. all of that, without a care about sharing how they were feeling.

imagine not being able to feel. when you were three and papa bought you your favourite chocolate ice cream. when you were six and your two front-teeth had started to grow. when you were nine and you first performed on stage. when you were twelve and your friends were almost all you cared about. ย when you were fifteen and someone exceptionally phenomenal stepped into your life as though they had the key to your heart. when you finally begin college, when you finally settle down. those times you felt something? now, imagine they never existed. how empty it seems.

we are losing these feelings and soon we may not even have to imagine because reality will set in. this is why they always say fairytales never exist. simple reason: we have failed to believe.

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