chances we threw away


we are given chances, day in and day out. chances for different aspects in our lives. you can either seize a chance, or lose the chance. most often, we are bound to lose these chances we never thought would fade away so soon. a chance doesn’t have to occur for a big scale event or any of that sort. rather, chances can be relatively small scale yet accurately relevant . we will never get the same two minutes back. the time you had yesterday would cease to exist. you are only given one chance to live that minute and once its passed, theres not a way through science and all that theories that you will get to relive that. aren’t we all just pathetically waiting for chances to come by but fail to grasp hold of them when they do? we can sit for hours by the window pane in wishful thinking to find a chance to tell someone we love them. to convey our thoughts that we care for them although we sometimes fail to show them what we really mean.  we allow our wicked human nature creep over us as we succumb to the ways of theirs.

we once had the chance to tell grandma we loved her and that her eyes seemed to sparkle even on the darkest day. but we don’t. all that occupied us were superficial layers of money and worth. we didn’t dig deep enough to pull out our love for grandma and tell her so. only when whats is left is ashes and stones do we then regret that grandma had deserved to know how much we love her so. we threw away ever so evident chances to show her our love and made her feel that she was still worth in some places of our charred hearts.

we once fell head over heels for someone and we’d feel a tinge of tightness whenever they were around . maybe they won’t ever feel the same way . maybe we’re just scared of rejection. you, me, us. maybe, thats why we were too afraid to tell them how we really felt and hid it so long as we could. but who knew? maybe they had felt the same way too. afraid to admit themselves to reality. afraid that rejection would punch them right in the face. maybe this is why some may lose at the end of the day. see the one they so dearly adore walk away with someone else who had the courage. we throw away opportunities we had to talk to them, opportunities we had to tell them and perhaps risk it all because who knows, it could have been worth it.

maybe life would be all different if we seized the chances .

we live in regret because of the chances we threw away. but who else is there to blame?

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