his globe


he always had a globe around him. it hung on his bag, wallet and even one pinned on his collar shirt. he never left the globe. he held it in class and at the cafeteria. no one ever understood the intricate mind of his and stigmatised him as a broken boy of little pennies and peace.

the professors, teachers, educators somehow all adored his presence amidst a tranquil ambience of his own little world.

he shone with radiance in every lesson with his globe sitting on his left delicate palm. i always pondered what any of the globes had to offer. mysterious, maybe magical power.

i saw him one afternoon by the school porch with a tad bigger globe. as the globe spun and spun and spun, a world of thoughts flashed. i unsteadily made my way nearer.

as i approached, he immediately held the globe still – and it ceased spinning.


care to explain the globe?

he looked at me right in the eye:

there are 7.125 billion people in this world. we are nothing but just fragments of it. it goes on spinning daily in perpetual motion but yet we are still so afraid to let go. when you realise how many people you’ve yet to meet, it kind of intrigues you like a mystery book or two. you walk down the streets daily but you’re so afraid to go up to someone and offer a helping hand or maybe just a simple greeting as the larks start to awake. maybe its my past i’m afraid to let go. somedays i wish the globe fulfilled my yearning of taking me out of my comfort zone. to know that there are billions i can meet and create memories with.

but are we not just fragments on it? some broken, some unable to be seen or even fixed. somedays we wake up feeling like the day has ceased to exist. 

but, hi.


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