daddy’s little princess (short story)

“one day, we’d make it up to the highest mountains. right daddy?”

“of course we will darling. on top of the world, we could watch the city lights dim. just you and me”

he was my best friend. he was my protector. he was my hero.


 as the doves and larks would flap their wings in freedom, daddy would let me ride on his back and i’d extend my arms and laughter would resonate amidst the serene atmosphere in all calamity. he would tickle my little belly filled with sprinkled ice cream and lift me into the air with smiles of bliss.

in vivid memory, daddy dressed me in my first tutu. after all, he did go through my whining and tantrum throwing from the north to the south and possibly the west to east. he knew it was every girl’s dream to be a fairy, or maybe a princess. even if it weren’t of any royalty, daddy treated me like a well-deserving princess.

ballet classes with daddy sitting in felt reassuring; as every step i took, i looked up and saw daddy’s sparkling eyes of contentment that made me feel like daddy was all i would ever need. as the other moms spoke about grocery shopping, daddy sat there drawing portraits of me dancing.

he was my best friend. he was my protector. he was my hero.


i remembered how daddy’s arms was all i ever wanted to be in. he did struggle a lot with a fussy daughter like me.

i liked my eggs scrambled with ketchup and daddy would never get that order messed up. he knew how much i loved pancake slapped in nutella spread and chocolate lava cake topped with fresh creamy vanilla ice cream. he kept in mind how much i hated veggies but never gave up making sure i had a daily intake by chopping them into macro molecules and placing them into my plate of stir-fried beef. i loved the idea of how i was the only customer at daddy’s restaurant such that i could test all of his dishes and he would put in all his heart and soul in dedicating each plate to me, his princess.

he was my best friend. he was my protector. he was my hero.


we had allocated time slots for our dates. even as i enrolled in elementary school. daddy brought me on adventures into the woods and on some dates, we’d go fishing in hope to catch a fish to show our strength and ability. daddy usually ended up with nothing but i knew he just wanted me to win because how could a strong brave man like him lose to me, the princess who still wobbles unknowingly on his toes in fragility?

i remembered when i first got my heart broken at the age of 16. daddy tried to comfort but all i wanted was solitude and even daddy’s sympathy was not enough to cure it. however, daddy never failed to find ways to cheer me. during those days, i reminded myself that only when i find a man like daddy would i agree to their proposals not with a ring – but with chocolate and candies to be their girlfriend, maybe.

daddy always poked fun that i would fall for any guy who says something sweet and my heart would race so fast sometimes it fails to jump over the hurdles right there to overcome the fear of loving. through him, i learnt not to be a daffodil that could get easily blown away by a tiny breathless blow of wind.

he was my best friend. he was my protector. he was my hero.


through daddy, i learnt a lot about loving and losing. he frequently rem-incised about mum and how her heart used to bloom sunflowers that brought joy and sunshine to his life. she fought a battle of faith and passed away as soon as i came. but daddy told me his sun never set because i came. even so, every complete wholesome part of his heart still misses mum after all these years. he taught me that even though you may lose someone whom you hold so dearly in your heart, they will always remain as a blessing in some part of you because they hold little memories and moments with you. because of mummy and daddy’s relentless love, i too, fell in love. into the right love.

daddy was in tears that day. he made sure my gown was on perfectly, precisely in place just like how he made sure my tutu was 22 years ago. that courageous fearless man whom i respected so much was not at all ready to let his angel go. he still wished my palms were the tiny ones that would fit right into his as we went for fishing. but that day, i held his palms yet again as we walked down the aisle.

he was my best friend. he was my protector. he was my hero.


today, i climb the highest mountains, alone. somehow daddy left before we completed our promise.

but i know somewhere in heaven, he watches me.

on top of the world, i watch the city lights dim.

“i have made it up here daddy, to complete the quest as we promised”

be proud of me just as i am to be your little princess for eternity.

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