once strangers

tumblr_nm1op8wznH1qjxryao1_500we will all meet someone for the very first time, and before that first time, we are nothing but strangers to one another. strangers amidst this revolving spinning coin that fails to recognise its value and worth. you can walk into a room filled with people and within seconds, you can meet someone you did not know existed a second ago. the chances of meeting new people become a mere invitation at your fingertips and you can’t look past it, unless, you confine yourself to be trapped in isolation. often times, we force ourselves to be confined behind our own fears of rejection and the thoughts of not being good enough or perhaps not giving a good first impression to an unknown being.

so we walk away, far far away from what could’ve been a whole new adventure awaiting. but isn’t life about going out of your comfort zone? to briskly walk up to someone and sing a simple melody of salutations just to see how many destinations it can take you to? we won’t be here if mum and dad didn’t dig out the flaky pieces of courage in them to exchange glances or even words of love. you won’t be beaming with wrinkles all by the sides of your eyes when you hug a someone if you did not lay out the terms of courage. it is due to a simple greeting and introduction that people get opportunities to fall right into the pit of roses. despite so much hindering, yet we somehow are still able to figure out the way to someone else. we were born strangers and we meet strangers. that is the way of life. which is why most often than not, we are bound to click with someone because love and nature will find their way to meet – but this can only happen if we allow it to.

its scary isn’t it? how you can talk to a complete stranger and at that instant you realise how much you have in common. what’s your favourite movie or what records do you listen to? such simplicity can actually lead to a brand new beginning. you meet someone at a coffeehouse, perhaps someone with eyes that spark with sincerity. you’re not sure if its worth taking the risk to confront them but you do so either way because you’ve decided to scrape all the fragments of courage. a question or two and you start to see so much more than just the eyes. you see the petals of warmness all around the soul, and the radiance of sunshine through every breath.

soon enough, you realise how frequently you’d meet those eyes again. the adrenaline of what tomorrow will be like spent with them. you’re now so much more than you’ve been before. that’s the most amazing part isn’t it?there will always be a first time to fall in love but first you ought to figure out how to get to that stranger. take chances, because every stranger brings something different; possibly something you can learn that cannot be taught behind colourful jailed cells with relentless preaching of math and science just to get you by.

we are strangers with an inspiration to discover.


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