as we are, as i am

it’s scary isn’t it? this whole idea of growing up. this whole unknown journey we’re all thrown upon. we follow the ways of the world, to be a someone in this world. it’s so dark and dreary to see the faces of people fade in and out. days we barely understand ourselves. we are all fighting to stay afloat, to breathe the breath of survival. we are all chasing after our dreams and aspirations because we keep hope in the light of tomorrow. but have you ever just taken a minute and embraced this unfamiliarity?

we’re always trying to attain the best, in prayer that we’d get accepted. we set high expectations for ourselves, to achieve them with the equivalent amount of effort we put into it. but when it comes crashing into us like a truck, we are instantly disappointed. we see the diminished hope of life and base our worth on all they say about us – in terms of a number, a grade. as much as we deny that they don’t matter to us, we are only being the greatest deceivers of deception. that’s the scary part isn’t it?  the fact that we claim the marks don’t define us and yet, we constantly dwell on it.

nobody said it was easy – growing up. some days, you wished that the days of candy canes and playgrounds could last a little longer. you look out of the car window and realise that grown ups don’t have it easy at all. sure, they get the freedom to live and love – but is it all worth it? the insecurities we face as people of this generation, of this era, of this history that will someday be looked upon by the future generations. we are so afraid to step away from societal notions and the rules by the book. the overly debated subjects often surface from time to time only to hope that someone can provide the answers to all of such issues and questions. but we fail to realise that the answers are already laid out in front of us.

Who is pretty? Are you a man? Are you rich? Are you a scholar? Where are your  certificates? Do you have friends? Are you still single? Have you had a boyfriend? No girlfriend? Do you even have a talent? Why do you cry so much?  What is love?  

As we are, I think prettiness lies beneath the skin. When someone speaks with passion and their heart beats even when hope seems to have diminished.

As we are, a man may cry. a man can cry. a man will cry. All that macho figure is only the external because when they let their guard down, you see the raw, you see the truths.

As we are, the richness in life should be based on happiness. Of fulfilment in doing what we love and love what we do.

As we are, there will always be mountains higher. There will always be someone out there better than us. that’s okay, because once in a while, you realise that you’re not too bad yourself. You don’t need no certificate or title of being a scholar define that specialty, because really, what are we here on earth for?

As we are, we find comfort in people similar to us. being open to social interactions is only the beginning to finding people that would embrace you. may not be a huge social circle – but these people are the ones who’d whisper in your ear when you’ve run out of fuel to try again tomorrow.

As we are, perhaps still single. perhaps still unprepared to open up to someone else. no boyfriend? no girlfriend? its okay. because when the right one comes along, it’ll naturally work out. the beauty of life is finding one that loves you just the same. may not be now, but its a journey to discover. someone else shouldn’t define or complete who you are – you are a whole with or without that person. who cares if you’re single now? at least you’re happy being yourself.

As we are, all gifted in ways that we are often so blind to realise it. amidst this fast paced way, we often glance pass without stopping to notice the good in ourselves. we condemn the flaws in us and hurl ourselves with negativity and pessimism. we fail to embrace that we are all an addition into this revolving panoramic shot – hopefully the blurry vision.. won’t cause you to fall.

As we are, weak and vulnerable. In thoughts, words and actions. everyday we say, live in the now. live in the moment. but when the lights are all off at night, darkness creeps right from our soft safe blankets. oh boy, the irony. when you’re alone, and isolation haunts you mind. thoughts about never being good enough, fears of rejection, fears of un-acceptance, fears of trials and tribulations. it’s hard huh? overwhelmed by these emotions from day-to-day. go ahead, cry. the natural phenomenon of being human, lies such a wonderful beauty of being able to cry. to cry for the good and the bad, the highs and the lows. to cry when you’re broken, or when you’re loved.

As we are, always loved; always loving. an easily spouted word from day to day – online from you to me, one chat to the next. Love from Colorado to Tokyo, that travels a distance to reach its destination. A certain kind of love that daunts upon us that shapes us to be who we are. Love that has come and gone, without any proper goodbyes. Love that has come and stayed, gives you a strength to continue fighting on. Why waste this life not loving? To be able to feel love, to get the jitters every now and then or even the broken heartedness in translation of lost love. “can’t eat, can’t sleep, sit on the fence kinda thing” is something inevitable.

All is right in front of  us.

It’s scary isn’t it? that thoughts can be so powerful that it throws people of different ages all around- feelings, emotions, expectations of one another.

Why are we so caught up with moving forward that this basis of life is often trampled on? 

As we are, just humans on this universe.

As I am, just another.  images_th8c

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