what i’d like to think

i’d like to think that we are rather complex yet intriguing parts of nature.

we are so filled with emotions be it at 9am in the morning, or 2am at night when we’re all alone in our rooms. we’ve been able to cry over the silliest things, things that often matter so much to us in that point of time. it’s so amazing to be feeling these emotions – even though this roller coaster rides constantly plunges itself into deep waters and barely makes it out alive.

people are so different, in character, in personality. everyone you pass by has a story to tell. isn’t that so beautiful? to know that every human has been shaped and moulded into who they are. most often then not, we are made up by the challenges and pitfalls in our lives.

i’d like to think that sometimes people come and go for the better. that as tragic as this sounds, to love, is to let go. but in that point of time when the two of you shared a significant something – the tangible memories to hold on to, will shape your mindset and groom you into someone new. someone with a whole new perspective prior to your experience. for the matter of fact, people are going to change.

i’d like to think that if people are meant to stay in your life, they would – somehow. some people just stay in due time because of how things has found its way back to place. its so rare, but that is what makes it beautiful. that such people don’t come by easy and when they do, they just do.

i’d like to think of so many things. this indescribable feeling of gratitude for this life i live.

the beauty of what is within. times of isolation as i stroll down a park, with the music of solemnity right through my walkman. times of endless laughters with the ones i love – over crazy jokes that often don’t make too much sense. times i feel so attacked and disappointed with the world – or perhaps, just with myself.

times we genuinely breathe and speak truths of this human life we live.

its complicated. sure it is. no human complexity can be laid down in answer sheets. one day you’re here, and the next, somewhere else.

deep breaths. open yourself to this world we live. you’d notice the beauty. of people, of nature, of this life you live.

i’d like to think that i do.

because when i shut the doors of reality in this constant manufacturing world, i start to enjoy the little things of life. insignificant as they may be, still essential and worth for thanksgiving.

people who benevolently shower me with so much love.

my saviour, with grace and mercy bestowed upon me.

i’m not an all time achiever in terms of accolades to prove my worth of living.

but something i can guarantee i’ve achieved?

joy in this life i live. joy in holding the hands of another. joy in crying on someone else’s shoulders. joy in walking amidst nature alone. joy in music that cruises through my ears. joy in the littlest things of this life i live.

finally, joy in being contented – with myself. 





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