“Nothing too modern”

Really? He was going to pull that entire retro thing. What a great way to the friendship, most definitely. 

“Nothing too deep”

Huh. Sentiments, craved pity, craved sympathy, lacking lurking mysteriously. I have successfully sailed the gentle waves of this mere acquaintance.  Perhaps, no scuba diving for a fresh novice. 

“Nothing too mundane”

Oh look, like I was driving towards that gravel road. I’d say – throw a cow, crow, cockapoo. Make them talk, make them speak laborious languages:


did you not see that coming, dreary. 

“Nothing too complex”

Bothersome. These validations to foster, to acquire. Not my cup of tea, yet – certainly intriguing. Simplicity couldn’t always overwrite convolution unless the basis of it is shaken by your feeble disjointed knee cap. 

“Nothing too fake”

Sure. No plastics, no clay, no glass, no wood. Look at the way they self proclaim charlatan, little filthy mountebank. Shut it – sham. Don’t fret, I’d try to dig for something organic – its somewhere, somewhere.

“Nothing too dead”

Pour some sugar on me (was not intentional). Get me tipsy high, give me the rush without the rush hour on sugar. I’d scale heights of gaiety, of merriment right beneath my wrinkled toes. I’d tell you what its like up there – to open up your arms to fresh fragrance frangipanis. 

“Extreme. Adventure. Exploration.”

Nah, no sponsorship for physical education or boy scouts or any of that sort. Definitely not a touristic appeal and certainly not an exhilarated trekking trainer.


Processed with VSCOcam with e3 preset

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