boy walks labrador (short story)

“down the road, turn left.  house with the solar system wind chimes – you can’t miss it” 

he chuckled and pulled his tow-colored labrador retriever along.

how can I not miss it? the most significant object he could mention was a wind chime. how prominent was that supposed to be?

it took me a while to process that the moment had passed and the personable prince had taken off with his white horse. I revisited the perplexing conversation shared in hope to analyze the mistakes and loopholes within them.

it did not begin with any proper salutation at all. how was that considered as ravishing or charming in any way?

“you’re in my way” he politely notified me.

I frowned in vexation.

“Oh, yea? you can step on the grass. I’m dealing with an important matter.”

I answered in an extremely crude manner – with my back still facing him. I had a tendency of stopping right along with any passageway during vital moments like my article for the school paper getting rejected for the third time.

That left prince charming in disbelief.

“April is allergic to grass”

He replied, this time – in a stern manner.

“We are way past April my friend. Get on with the times and move along”

I turned around and smiled at him.

At that clear instant, I realized he had been the person with the labrador that I had been looking for.  The vivid memory stuck pretty close, how I ran away after waving to his dog by the grass patch beside the playground. I darted for home, not turning back once because my heart was thumping and the blood was madly rushing all over.

It was queer because they always seemed to disappear after making several guest appearances on the “boy walks labrador” show. Ironic isn’t it? The title was named after him and yet, the protagonist of the show was always going AWOL.

I hesitated knowing how much of a neurotic character I had portrayed myself to be. I dipped my head down, collected my thoughts altogether and shot my face right back up. This was my chance to talk to the protagonist of “boy walks labrador” and I was not ready to blow it just yet.

“April is my favorite month ever.”

I awkwardly stuck out my hand – all ready for a handshake because that’s what normal people do, right?

“Oh really? Mine’s March and it’ll be amazing if you could march along and make way for April”

He avoided the handshake and replied in an extremely sardonic tone.

What a snob. Did he think I was going to give in just like that? I have always been one for egalitarianism and there was no way I was going to back down without a fair battle.

“I’m not making way Mr. Hubristic” 

I replied satirically.

“Big words, throwing me way off my radar”

He scoffed.

Right then, April began barking. It was as if she had wanted the banter conversation to end there and then.

“Now if you would excuse us, could you please make way?”

Once again, the prince returns to his chivalrous manner.

“April hates you. April needs to walk daily. April can’t have an owner who doesn’t know how to take an alternative path or use other methods to get her across an obstruction”

I blurted out in the most barbaric manner – no royal family would have ever let me in. There went all my hopes of faking the excruciating agony of the pea under my hundred mattresses.

He smirked at what I said. He knew I had been searching for him frantically for the past few months. He knew I had waited because I was obstinate by nature and that I believed wholeheartedly in fate.

“April could make do with a sprinter”. 

He replied,  embodying the debonair, the suave.

I shrugged my shoulders and stepped to the side. This medieval prince did have a semblance of wit that struck a chord with mine.

“down the road, turn left.  house with the solar system wind chimes – you can’t miss it” 

I was starring in “prince walks labrador” season 2.

As the princess.



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