hide to seek to bleed

“1…2…3…10… I’m coming to find you!”

I had no idea where this game was headed to but the night had just begun. The roads were jammed and the many around me held flowers in their hands. The bus-stop lights flickered – dimming the atmosphere every once in a while.

For a moment, there was a voice in my head. I had the sudden urge to check up on the stock market. Within seconds, I was downloading YAHOO finance and StockTwits on the AppStore. The percentages and graphs of inconsistent heart rates did not intimidate me the way it used to. In fact, I grew intrigued. The numbers became codes in my head and encryptions that resonated with the left side of my brain I never exactly got in touch with.

GOOGLE Total Gain (%) +2.66%. NETFLIX Total Gain (%) +0.02%. NIKE Total Gain (%) +3.66%.Β 

When the bus approached the stop, the crowd of commuters surged forward as if The Beatles Mania of the 60s was a thing again. They tightened their grip on the stalk of the dull-witted flowers and whispered prayers to the petals. I hated being in the middle of the bus because that meant meat patties. I strategised and positioned myself right by the exit so I could hop off the instant we arrived at my stop. The bus driver might have been an F1 driver his past life. There was an ongoing catastrophe and crisis happening right behind his back but he drove at the speed of light. The only reason I can ever excuse such an abhorrent behaviour is if he had to use the loo at that instant – because really, having the bus come to a halt every other second left me trampling on the feet of several unfortunate victims. I wanted to hold onto a hand rail or something of that sort but to my right stood a boy and to my left stood a man. And to my front, the exit door. Leaning onto any of the three mentioned was deemed relatively inappropriate and dangerous at that point in time. Music up, I want to love somebody like you. My stop approached and I leapt out of the bus only to fall in-between the gap of the bus and the pavement – there and then, I figured that hurdling was not my forte.

The wind hustled my soul all the way back home. Couple of moments pass and the left side of my brain continues twitching in awkward muscle spasms. The phone begins to buzz, to ring. Ring-a-ding-a-ling.Β 

“Car’s down. Punctured tyre. SOS”

I chuckled listening to the anxiety. I was not amused, yet the urgency of the voice galvanised me into taking possible actions – which did not play out too well. The scenario unfolded within the empty spaces of my head – I would’ve punctured all the other tyres to capture the deflation or perhaps sat on the ring of the tyre because they do seem like the perfect fit for one’s gluteus maximus. I left the house with the scenarios unfolding in my head. The wind continued to jostle me as the shade of blue turned the atmosphere dimmer. The trees were dancing to the beats of the wind and sashayed to rhythmic melodies.

The bar was full and a group of hoodlums (ruffians) lingered right outside. There was a man at the bus stop. He looked at me, and tilted his head to the right. I paced myself as a bus approached. The release of hot air from the engine of the bus ambushed me as soon as it came to a stop and the man immediately boarded. As the bus rolled away and the man settled into his seat, he looked out of the window and stared into the depths of my soul as a smile creepily emerged. Once again, he tilted his head to the right and raised his eyebrows. His face was rather skinny and his eyes a tad droopy. But as he smiled, the wrinkles creased by his cheeks.

I saw a figure – my friend, from afar and ran after. But he yanked his chinchilla and scurried away. Wait up, wait up was all I tried to say but he left without a word like Cinderella on ball day. The street lamps hovered over me creating unknown shadows on the uneven road. Within meters stood the car with only 3 wheels. It wasn’t as jocular as I had thought it to be and that in itself was a tad disappointing.

His chinchilla seemed to have needed a break at some point which left me walking past in ignorant disguise. The road was winding and leading up somewhere. I needed clearer instructions – similar to the way Dorothy followed the red-brick path to the Wizard of Oz. The industrial buildings were gloomy and dull. I heard sudden movements in the bushes right beside and the noise sent an entangling chill down my spine. The chinchilla was nowhere in sight and I figured it decided to call it a night.

As I attempted to cross the infested drains, I almost stepped on a toad that croaked in agony and pain. If this was a fairytale, I would’ve kissed it and the story can end with a happily ever after and the end in stupid cursive fonts. But no, reality continued to eat me alive.

I was contemplating before two guard dogs barked the fear out of me. Aight I give up, perhaps reality wins. The chinchilla soon emerged, greeting me with a grin and guaranteeing no business or politics involved. The doctor walked past carrying a plastic briefcase, heavily panting and taking abnormally deep breaths. He was rushing to rescue but he had no cape or mask or stupid black boxers as underpants. Time froze and there he stood, the emergency held in perfect reservation.

Hurry, the mad scientist on my right yanks out his guitar at 4am every day.

Chinchilla you can come out now. The game has ended, I quit playing.





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