almost loves suck lozenges

feelings are vague ambiguous emotions that overwhelm us. we barely understand what it entails. it’s a sort of disproportion to our souls. at times, it really stretches us. bends us, breaks us. feelings can be catalysed in so many ways. most often, we don’t anticipate it. when we do it becomes more of our delusions than actual reality. our human mind is so capable of the wild and preposterous imaginations. the beauty of it does lie within. we feel something, someone. we subject our feeble vulnerable self to a tangible emotion. but it’s amazing we can even do that. that at one point in time, we could feel what we felt. it might just be gone in an instant and you’d be a little lost – but somehow it wouldn’t matter in time to come. we are abstract, ludicrous creatures trying to define moments and actions. we are fearless even though we have fears. we are ruthless even though we abide the laws. we are complicated beings but we hate to admit the complexity and settle for conformity to show that we are simple despite the loopholes. feelings demand a lot. it demands your attention and it often sends you into a whirlwind of thoughts. but feelings also make us. feelings shape us through unexpected experiences and makes us understand the potency of it all. you wish you didn’t feel this much – but honey, it comes when it comes. i’d like to think, i’ll embrace it either way. no moral obligation, just a personal conviction. whatsoever i may feel – is purely a journey i choose to set foot on.

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