drifters bleachers

“Pack up”

I stuffed the doll and some leftover crackers from supper last night into my transparent mini backpack and slipped on my sandals. We ran across the big junction, making our way through barbed wires and into the restricted “no trespassing” zone. My backpack felt unusually empty, and I realized the doll was missing. I could only imagine the wheels that must have smashed its face and tore its ribs apart. I grew up.

“Pack up”

I stuffed my laptop and my potentially irrelevant piggybank into the haversack. That amount of money was not going to sustain any sorts of lifestyle – lavish or meager. We had no choice. We needed to puff, we needed the intoxication. Tell the lawyers, to see us as equals. We were merely running from the knives they carried. Dear lawyers, we look like beasts you see.

“Pack up”

I stuffed myself into the sack. I have nothing left. With love, we murdered. We were attempting to hide, for as long as we were alive, we were on a run. We were wanted criminals, so we could not stay to enjoy another night of sugared crackers for supper at the same strangers’ house. So I sought refuge in a different home every night, craving some affection and intimacy. I cooked up a tale, victimized myself, gained their trust. They’d look at me in the eye, slightly teary-eyed and they’d tuck me into bed goodnight. Remember who Little Red Riding Hood saw on Grandma’s bed? Oh yes, it took her a while to realize.

“Pack up”, the teacher announced.

The bell rang. In synchronization, the class stood up. I hated the way they stood in unity as if rehearsed to thank the teacher. Of course, they demand forced manners and insincere formalities.

“Pack up and stand up”, the teacher repeated, a tad intolerant.

I stuffed my scribbled textbook into my bag and stood up reluctantly. Pew Pew.Β I’m the last person alive on earth after they vanished in toxic gas. I smirk because as the last person alive, I have essentially outwitted the teacher and that gave me a reassuring sense of satisfaction.

“Pack up”

“I’m in 2008, I should’ve fought harder!”

“I’m in 2100! I’m the king of the North Pole!”

“I’m in 2019, in search for refuge in the wildest imaginations and fantasies because quantum mechanics bore me!”

We are drifters coexisting in a different present world.


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