i always believe that

we live within a universe of tainted truths. of people who treasure the superficiality rather than the concrete gestures. we are masked day in and day out by people that come and go in our lives. we are plastered with fake smiles to rid off all the gashes that oozes out of our open wounds. the blood, so red and thick but filled with a tinge of green. the hand that reaches out but beneath their palm lies the sharpest blades. 

the irreversible impression this world has signified to me.

 we fail to embrace the smiles of others. the smiles that hide their eyes and all you see is a spectrum of white between their lips. the smile that tells a thousand stories that words can’t put across. we fail to embrace the laughter – of mirth. the chuckles and cackles we accidentally makes when we blush. we fail to embrace the simplest acts of kindness. the hellos, goodbyes, thank you’s. we fail to appreciate the care and concern we receive in the banausic ways. 

take a deep breath and look around you. the beauty that lies within a person. it passes way beyond the superficial layer but it hides somewhere between their smiles.

and when you see a person filled with pure joy, you finally realise you are falling for them unknowingly. 


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